Slide Deck from Prairie Dev Con Session

Thank you to those of you who attended my “Introduction to Microsoft’s Middleware in the Cloud” session yesterday at PrairieDevCon West in Calgary.  I appreciated the level of engagement and the amount of questions that were asked.  Below you will find a link to the Slide Deck you saw yesterday.  I have also added a few slides to include screen shots of the demo applications that you saw to provide some additional context.!5663&parid=DB51EF47E2BB432A!375&authkey=!AOe1Rn7b80mPYdg  (Open in Powerpoint for Animations)

New Blog Coming Soon


New blog is coming soon to this address. This blog will be dedicated to Middleware in the cloud (as the names suggests) and will focus more so on Microsoft’s offerings including AppFabric Service Bus, AppFabric Applications, Queues, Topics and any other interesting bits coming out of Redmond.

In the mean time you can visit my BizTalk blog @