Speaking at Global Integration Boot camp

On a previous episode of #MiddlewareFriday I talked about a global integration event occurring on Saturday, March 25th 2017.  Happy to announce that I will be speaking at the New York meetup which is being held at the Microsoft Technology Center near Times Square. This is my second opportunity to speak at the MTC and am very much looking forward to it.

The FREE event will take place from 8:30 am to 5 pm and registration is open.

VNB Consulting is hosting the event and I would like to thank Amit and Howard for inviting me to speak. My topic will be on protecting Azure Logic Apps with Azure API Management.  I will be using the new Azure API Management Design Surface, so even if you are very familiar with Azure API Management, you will learn something new.

The event is also taking place in 9 other places simultaneously worldwide including Australia, Belgium, Finland, India, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden.  You can find more information at the bootcamp’s website.



Azure Hybrid Integration Day coming to Calgary

Every year some of the brightest minds in Microsoft Integration descend upon Redmond, Washington for the Microsoft MVP Summit. This year 3 MVPs (Saravana Kumar, Steef-Jan Wiggers and Michael Stephenson) from Europe will be stopping by Calgary on their way to the Summit and will be giving some presentations.   Myself and a local Microsoft employee, Darren King, will also be presenting.

I have shared the stage with these MVPs before and can vouch that attendees are in for a unique experience as they discuss their experiences with Microsoft Azure and BizTalk Server.

During this full day of sessions you will learn about how BizTalk and Microsoft Azure can address integration challenges. Session topics include SaaS connectivity, IoT, Hybrid SQL Server, BizTalk administration & operations and Two Speed IT using Microsoft Azure. Also bring your burning questions for our interactive Ask the Experts Q & A.

The free event takes place on October 30th, 2015  at the Calgary Microsoft office.  You can find more details here.

Introduction to Azure API Management: Hands-on Lab

I have recently returned from Charlotte where I had a couple of Azure API Management sessions at the BizTalk Bootcamp.  The first presentation was an Introduction to the API Economy, API Management, Azure API Management and how you can use Azure API Management and BizTalk to introduce some agility in your organization.  This was the same session that I delivered at the BizTalk Summit in London.  BizTalk360, who hosted that event, recorded all sessions and started to publish both the talks and the slide decks.  I don’t want to disrupt what they are doing over there so I would encourage you to check out their conference page where my presentation should be available soon.

The second session that I delivered in Charlotte was a Hands-on Lab.  Attendees were encouraged to create an Azure API Management instance in advance of arriving or during a break (only takes 15 min to provision).  I then published an ASP.NET Web API in Azure and each attendee had the ability to:

  • Create 2 API Products
  • Create an API and 3 Operations
  • Publish their Products
  • Testing the API through the Developer Portal
  • Configure a Rate Limiting scenario

The scenarios are pretty simple but I was pleased to hear that for many people, who had no previous experience with API Management, were able to get an API managed in only 45 minutes.

I will make this API available in the interim but if I run into any issues or abuse with it I may decide to take it down.

Also note that I provisioned my API Management solution many months ago and it looks like there have been some subtle changes to the UI in the Azure API Management Portal.  None of these changes should get in the way of walking through the scenarios but I figured I would bring this up now to avoid further confusion.